Still the munin-node for win32 subject

Some more fixes:

  • Sleep(100) on waiting for an external plugin to finish -- BAAH, Sleep(0) hogged the CPU
  • never (try to) write back the .ini file -- well you might not have permission and I(!) am the one who writes the config
  • PortNumber -- specify which port to bind to, well 4949 what else? but was a simple copy paste
  • LogConnections -- ability to turn off that insane connect logging every 5 mins
  • MasterAddress setting -- limit the IP address of the remote (master) server connecting. Right now to only 1 IP, but how many munin masters will you have?

Still need to adjust external plugins to be able to use existing munin-node plugins.
Goal would be to install (active)perl and run the existing munin plugin that's usually written in perl. Who wants to reimplement that again with e.g. python?

patch binary


Monitoring windows with munin

Who said monitoring a windows server is impossible with munin?

There is munin-nodewin32 on github, but it was a bit crippled with external plugins.
The problem with monitoring memory usage was fixed in svn but not yet compiled.
Here is a patch and binary that fixes that.
After that it's easy to write plugins (in python) to monitor what you want.