debugzope howto

There's a script called debugzope, that sounds like a debugger. But in real life you can examine the whole ZODB with it. You can even make changes to the ZODB or ZEO. All in all quite handy if you have to correct a few objects in the database, also on a live system.

$ bin/debugzope
Now the variable root becomes your DB's root. All configuration should be taken from the live system in which context it was started.

>>> root
zope.app.folder.folder.Folder object at 0x01C31C70
You can do any changes (and anything) using the usual python commands. The whole Zope infrastructure is in place.

Don't forget to commit when you are ready:

>>> import transaction
>>> transaction.commit()
Otherwise all changes will be reverted on exit!

debugzope(.bat) is usually available if you use the old zopeskel style deployment. The next task is to figure out how to do this with a buildout based deployment.