nokia E61 and Google Docs

Who said that Google Docs and Spreadsheets is not working with a nokia mobile?
OK - it's not pleasure, but at least I can see what I wrote after some hacking.

This is the spreadsheet. Read only, the guys check the browser. At least I can see something.

This is the Docs. It is almost working! Click on the tabs is working:

Trying to login through docs.google.com results in:
Adding /?browserok=true at the end of the URL does not help too much. The document list is empty:

Stay tuned for more.

That was done using a nokia E61, SW: 3.0633.09.04, with the stock-builtin browser.


OT: updating nokia E61 software

Just bought a nokia E61 to play around.
Tried to update the firmware in it. The nokia software updater did not even start up.
The error message was: "Network connection lost. Check your network connection or wheter a firewall is prventing the application from working properly".
Nope, no firewall problem. Internet explorer was "working offline". Thanks Bill.